In the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, you will find Oakville. This is where we produce Oakberry’s açaí, the best organic açaí in the world

Santa Izabel do Pará
Pará, Brazil

A small village located in the Northern region of Brazil. Its economy is based on agriculture, mainly açaí harvesting.

Every step of our production process is designed to ensure the best açaí quality, increase local economic development, and improve overall well-being of local rural communities in Northern Brazil

Our açaí is sustainably sourced, and goes through several selection and sanitation treatments. This guarantees the best quality, flavour, texture and experience for our customers around the world.

Oakville and Oakberry’s açaí have been certified by major food organizations, resulting in a clean and high-quality açaí certification. Stay tuned for more to come soon!

After our açaí goes through our high standard processes, it is ready to be shipped to every Oakberry store around the world.

Providing opportunities to local communities are just as essential to our business as the manufacturing process of our açaí.

The açaí production cycle is the main driver of the local economy, becoming the main source of income and well-being for the riverside community.


The sustainable cycle of açaí production allows the Amazon Rainforest to continue to thrive, preserving its exuberant nature while still providing more opportunities for the riverside families.